“Sherlock Holmes” interactive radio apps

Four new Sherlock Holmes apps with a London Treasure hunt!

Official Press Release

The Man with the Twisted Lip

Five Orange Pips

A Scandal in Bohemia

The Speckled Band

Listen to the story or read the radio script and you can search through an 1888 map to see how Holmes’s London was built and where the famous four short stories were based.

To win the hidden prize find the clues within the apps to unravel the  riddle of where a landmark object is, let us know and if you are the first you win an engraved magnifying glass!

The award winning radio adaptations of the four Conan Doyle short stories vividly bring alive the London of the late 19th Century where the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Watson are played out against the dark and dangerous London of the 1880’s


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4 Stars for ‘Party’ App! Lettermen Apps Reviewed…

The Lettermen go to a party

The Lettermen go to a party

Read the review

“The spelling game portion of the app is a lot of fun and reinforces the storyline and a different word or phrase on each page.”
“Even without the game, this storybook is perfectly delightful as a standalone app book. And it’s particularly nice looking on the iPad, which shows off the fun lettermen and their crazy expressions much better that the small screen ever could. The illustrations are engaging, enhance reading comprehension and recognition of ‘sight’ words.” - Digital Story Time 26/2/2011



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New Series of Lettermen books plus a free game coming…

The Lettermen books:

Picnic, Party, Seaside, Fair, Shops, Circus, Castle, Farm, Moon, Plane, School, Zoo….. the ‘Lettermen’ series of children education books…easy fun ways of learning to spell and read…


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Lettermen featured in Ansca Mobile Showcase

The Lettermen apps were coded using the Corona SDK, a cross-platform development tool produced by Ansca Mobile (www.anscamobile.com). So look out for iPhone and Android versions in the New Year!

Ansca Mobile have selected The Lettermen go to the Shops to be featured in the developer showcase on their website (developer.anscamobile.com/showcase/lettermen-go-shops).

Mobile app developed with Corona SDK for iOS and Android

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iPhone and iPad Apps

Osprey Aviation

Our first two series of applications……see dedicated pages above for more details and follow us on twitter at @SN2apps.

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Working with the worlds best military history publisher. SN2 has designed a series of Apps that introduces the world of aviation. The first is based on military Jets and App No.1 gives the user an introduction to over 90 of the most famous military jet fighters over the last 70 years.

On YouTube: Jets

Now available for Christmas is the British World War II collection of planes…!

The Lettermen books

Lettermen book Apps for children has been created by the same development team that developed the first CD-ROMs of the Lettermen series 16 years ago! Simple Apps that help children to learn to read in a fun way.

On YouTube:
The Lettermen

There are 6 books in the first App releases:

The Lettermen go to a party, The Lettermen go to the circus, The Lettermen go on a picnic, The Lettermen go to the fair, The Lettermen go to the seaside, The Lettermen go to the shops.

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